What is "Do it yourself" or "DIY"?

By definition Do it Yourself, also known as DIY, is the method of building, modifying, or repairing something without the extensive aid of experts or professionals.
Currently DIY is taking a strong market share in the United States pool industry as a cost-saving activity, with the sole purpose of eliminating an income margin collected by the third party contractors by undertaking pool construction and various other small construction projects.

Pool guys don't like it!

Most pools contractors are standing against DIY programs since they are the ones who lose the market share to the handy consumers.

What is next?

One of the best and easiest DIY pool projects could be accommodated by the fiberglass pools industry since the pool shell is already built and ready to be installed. The only drawback in a fiberglass pool DIY project is the warranty that can be obtained only by the factory authorized installer.
SPN offers comprehensive Certified Fiberglass DIY Program designed to insure that the pool warranty to be issued by the factory upon verified and protocol compliant installation.
100% financing is available

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