About Our Company

Who we are and what we do

SPN is a swimming pool distribution company offering variety of in-ground swimming pools and spas from almost every manufacturer. Our offerings include not only fiberglass pools, but vinyl liner pools and gunite pools. From custom pool packages to basic pool shells and pool kits sale, and everything in between, our packages are very flexible and versatile, built to fulfill anyone's demands.

Where we are

Our headquarters are in southern part of New Jersey.

How we do it

We work with the largest manufacturers to distribute the best product that is available on the market. Once we learn the needs and requirements of the customer, we prepare the solution to accommodate both. Our standard packages include fiberglass pool shells; do-it-yourself kits; authorized assisted installations; local dealer's dig, drop and set and turnkey construction.

When do we offer more

SPN always offers special deals and packages that is why you need to contact us and schedule a consultation.

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Our definition of true value is the sum of quality, price, service and guarantee!