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Fiberglass Pools

Inground pools that last a lifetime!

Searching for a swimming pool in today's environment might be a painful process since the industry is experiencing a lack of materials, equipment, and quality labor, and many pool companies have already sold out for years to come. However, SPN is working with many different pool contractors who will be available for pool installation when the time comes. Our collection of luxury fiberglass inground pools, splash decks, tanning ledges, and spas has many pool styles, shapes, and sizes for any backyard size. From fiberglass pool shells, pool kits, and limited installation to complete poolscape installation packages, all-year-round. Contact our representatives to receive answers to all your questions about inground pool cost and installation.

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    Why Fiberglass Pools

    Fiberglass swimming pools are the type of inground pool that can raise the value of your home since they offer an extensive and transferable warranty. It will apply to the most prominent pool manufacturers like Latham, the largest pool production company in the world.

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  • Eminence Pools

    SPN Exclusive

    Not all pools are created equal, and Eminence Pools are the best you can find. SPN is proud to offer an exclusive collection of fiberglass pool products by Eminence Pools.

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    The pool industry is experiencing tremendous interest in fiberglass pools, and most of the pool companies are sold for years to come. However, SPN has a network of pool installers that will be able to get your dream pool built much sooner. So don't wait for too long if you plan to go swimming soon.

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  • Princeton 40

    Classic Rectangle

    Princeton 40
    Portia model is a large size fiberglass pool, which is one piece prefabricated construction with core design following clean Rectangle style

    Princeton 40 Details

  • Radiance T40

    Classic Rectangle

    Radiance T40
    The Twilight 30 model is a medium to large size fiberglass pool, which is one piece prefabricated construction. Cape Cod is a naturally designed Lagoon shape pool with sitting bench and swim out

    Radiance T40 Details

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    Having a pool problem? Abandoned by the pool company who built your pool? No responses from the pool manufacturer or vendor? We think we can help

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  • Radiance 38

    Classic Rectangle

    Radiance 38

    Radiance 38 Details

  • Starlight WL40

    Modern Rectangle

    Starlight WL40

    Starlight WL40 Details

  • Lap Pool 45

    Eminence Pools

    Eminence Pools - Lap Pool 45
    The design of the Panama II fiberglass pool model is based on a traditional rectangular shape. This pool design for sports activities including lap swimming and offers two sets of 3 built-in steps on both end of the pool...

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  • Elegance 35

    Eminence Pools

    Eminence Pools - Elegance 35
    The Elegance 35 fiberglass pool model is a larger-sized one-piece fiberglass construction and has a lagoon-free-style shape. The pool has a safety ledge all around the pool for extra security. The deep end has an expansive sitting area that also can be used as a swim-out step. This pool also has two more sitting benches on the side and at the shallow end....

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  • Radiance 40

    Eminence Pools

    Eminence Pools - Radiance 40
    The Radiance 40 model is a large size fiberglass pool, which is one piece prefabricated construction with core design following clean Rectangle style. Portia has a gradual bottom slope from 3’6” to 5’8”....

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  • Patriot 23

    Eminence Pools

    Eminence Pools - Patriot 23
    The design of the Patriot fiberglass pool is based on the idea to create a lagoon-like experience by designing a figure-8 shape. This model offers 3 built-in curvilinear steps along the side and a stunning built-in bench wraps around the deep end providing ample adult seating. This freeform design flows with gentle curves, making the Patriot a delight to landscape around and transforming your backyard to a free-flowing wonderland. The dimensions of this inground pool are 12' wide, 23' long, and slopes from 3'6" to 5'5" deep....

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  • Radiance 33

    Eminence Pools

    Eminence Pools - Radiance 33
    The Radiance 33 model is a medium-sized classic rectangular fiberglass pool with wide entry steps and 100% unobstructed swimming space....

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  • Radiance 30

    Eminence Pools

    Eminence Pools - Radiance 30
    The Radiance 30 model is a smaller-sized classic rectangular fiberglass pool with one side corner steps, deep-end, built-in swim-out seating benches, and 100% unobstructed swimming space. ...

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