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We sell and install in ground fiberglass swimming pools; We offer sale and installation all year round in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

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  • During Fall or Winter construction time, pools marked for SALE will include the following free features: 6-color LED lights; lights remote control with WIFI capability; Mineral Sanitation System; 2 deck jets; for Large-to-Medium sized pools - Gas Heater (gas line not included)

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  • Moroccan model

    Reinforced Edition

    Endless, clever design of the entry points and generous seating areas allow for an optimum swimming corridor

  • Mediterranean

    Coastal Line Edition

    Explore new 2016 Mediterranean Coastal Line Edition pool model, the pleasure island of the pool industry

  • We advice on how to fix your inground fiberglass pool

    Having a pool problem? Abandoned by the pool company who built your pool? No responses from the pool manufacturer or vendor? We think we can help

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  • Horizon model

    Infinity Edge Feature
  • Hana SPA

    Blue Hawaiian
    Blue Hawaiian - Hana SPA

    Hana model is a small size fiberglass SPA with core design following classic octagon shape. It has center entry and sitting bench all around the SPA ...

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  • Panama I

    Blue Hawaiian
    Blue Hawaiian - Panama I

    The design of the Panama I fiberglass pool model is based on a traditional rectangular shape. This pool design for sports activities including lap swimming and offers 3 built-in steps on one end of the pool. ...

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  • Laredo 20

    Blue Hawaiian
    Blue Hawaiian - Laredo 20

    Laredo model is a small size pool and is fiberglass one piece prefabricated construction with core design following the Kidney style. Laredo pool shape historically based on 1948 design by architect Thomas Church, who first invented the kidney-shaped swimming pool and this design has become a traditional design and is widely selected by customers for its soft island-like appearance. ...

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  • Crystal Bay

    Blue Hawaiian
    Blue Hawaiian - Crystal Bay

    The Crystal Bay fiberglass pool model is based on a classic Roman Bath design. With crisp clean lines and perfectly rounded ends, it offers 4 built-in steps that double as bench seating to provide plenty of space for friends to gather for a relaxing soak....

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  • Radisson 25

    Blue Hawaiian
    Blue Hawaiian - Radisson 25

    Asbury model is a small to medium size pool and is fiberglass one piece prefabricated construction with core design following the clean Rectangle style. Asbury has a 4?6? deep flat bottom and is great for spa pool or for water exercise activities....

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  • Sea Cove

    Blue Hawaiian
    Blue Hawaiian - Sea Cove

    The Sea Cove fiberglass pool design is based on the idea to create a truly unique geometric shape. This unique hourglass shape will fit well into any classic or contemporary backyard and is a delight to landscape around. With 3 built-in curvilinear steps and curved bench seating, this design will provide plenty of enjoyment for the entire family. The Sea Cove is widely selected by customers for its unique design and soft island-like appearance...

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