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We distribute Eminence Pools, the luxuary inground fiberglass swimming pools, for every budget and backyard size throughout United States and Canada. Factory direct fiberglass pools shells, fiberglass pool kits and complete fiberglass installation packages. All year round. Contact us for more information

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  • Grace 30

    Aqua Therapy Edition

  • Radiance T40

    Classic Rectangle

    The Twilight 30 model is a medium to large size fiberglass pool, which is one piece prefabricated construction. Cape Cod is a naturally designed Lagoon shape pool with sitting bench and swim out

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  • Radiance 38

    Classic Rectangle
  • Starlight WL40

    Modern Rectangle
  • Flagship 25

    Eminence Pools
    Eminence Pools - Flagship 25

    The Flagship fiberglass pool model is based on the idea to create a simplicity that imparts a much needed sense of calm. This design features slightly curved sides, which make it ideally suited to today's modern architectural building trends, as well as crisp clean lines that match perfectly with the latest paving and coping products. It offers 3 elegant built-in steps across the shallow end and a built-in bench seat along the deep end. Its classic design and generous inside swim space make the Flagship one of the more popular inground fiberglass pools. The dimensions of this pool are 12' wide, 25' long, and slopes from 3'6" to 5'7" deep....

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  • Aurora 34

    Eminence Pools
    Eminence Pools - Aurora 34

    The Aurora 34 fiberglass pool model is based on the desire to create a true lagoon-style shape. With its free-flowing design, it fits well into any classic or contemporary backyard design and is a welcomed addition to any backyard retreat. It offers 4 steps and bench seating at the shallow end, a curved bench seat at the deep end and provides plenty of inside swim space for all of your guests. Its gentle curves make this inground pool design very popular among pool owners, and it is a delight to landscape around. The dimensions of the Blue Isle are 15' wide, 34' long, and slopes from 3'6" to 6'6" deep....

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  • Twin Cove 28

    Eminence Pools
    Eminence Pools - Twin Cove 28

    Twin Cove model is a small size fiberglass pool, which is one piece prefabricated construction with core design following classic Roman Bath style. The shallow end of the pool has symmetrical classic 3 steps center entry and 2 steps swim out area at the deep end....

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  • Radiance 40 Diving

    Eminence Pools
    Eminence Pools - Radiance 40 Diving

    The Radiance 40 Diving model is a large size pool and is fiberglass one piece prefabricated construction with core design following the clean Rectangle style. Athens pool shape is a traditional pool form that is perfect for enjoying water sports or swimming laps....

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  • Twilight 25

    Eminence Pools
    Eminence Pools - Twilight 25

    Twilight 25 pool model is one piece fiberglass construction and has a true lagoon shape. Two sitter bench is located on the deep end of the pool. ...

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  • Sea Swirl 24

    Eminence Pools
    Eminence Pools - Sea Swirl 24

    The design of the Sea Swirl fiberglass pool model is based on the idea to create a lagoon-like experience by designing a figure-8 shaped pool. Its design flows with gentle curves, making this inground pool a delight to landscape around and will transform your backyard to a free-flowing wonderland. It offers 3 built-in curvilinear steps and built-in seat line on the narrowed side as well as a built-in seat line across the deep side. The Sea Swirl is very popular for its size, appearance, and low maintenance cost. The dimensions of this model are 12' wide, 24'6" long, and slopes from 3'6" to 5'6" deep....

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