Athens Pool Model

Athens model is a large size pool and is fiberglass one piece prefabricated construction with core design following the clean Rectangle style...

Freedom Pool Model

This design features slightly curved sides, which make it ideally suited to today's modern architectural building trends, as well as crisp clean lines...

Boston Pool Model

Asymmetrical forms of lagoon vinyl liner pools found a big popularity among consumers creating natural look at their backyards. Boston model comes in five...

Vanishing Edges Concrete Pool

Totaly unique custom tile pools with vanishing edges, custom mosaics applique, extensive LED lighting, fully automated pool systems

Residential Pool Restoration

Complete backyard makeover and transformation of the large rectangle concrete pool, custom tiling, coping and deck restoration

Laredo Pool Model

Laredo pool shape historically based on 1948 design by architect Thomas Church, who first invented the kidney-shaped...

Custom Pool Packages

SPN offers pool packages for every project and every budget. Fiberglass Pools, Vinyl Liner Pools and Custom Concrete Pools, high rated factories with quality product, extended warranties and customer service by the manufacturer. Pool shells and pool kits are available throughout the United States, installation and renovation services by SPN available in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York only. Contact Swimming Pool Now for more details and some availability limitation on fiberglass pool shells and pool kits.

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SPN Services

Renovation Construction

If you are in NJ, NY or PA

SPN currently offers custom pools construction and renovation services in states of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. If you have any questions Contact SPN

SPN is the place where you can find the best deals on swimming pools and pool related products and services. We help people to create a paradise, filled with every day joy, pleasure and excitement. All types of in-ground swimming pools, pool kits & pool shells at the best prices. Stop planning and start swimming... this summer! We can help you to get floating in your own beautiful blue water pool sooner than you might think. Your new swimming pool will provide you and your family with many years of wonderful memories, right there in your own backyard!