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  • Luxury Radiance

    If you decide to build your new pool you absolutely must find the right pool design to create that special and unique energy sparkle!

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  • Nirvana

    Build your pool with one thought in mind... each time you will be looking at your pool it should bring you the sense of Seventh Heaven!

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  • Simplicity

    Sometimes simplicity is the key to create that effortless feeling of sensation! Classic rectangle shape will do just that...

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  • Captivating

    The sound of the water, so renewing and rejuvenating by restoring the life energy of your place. You never get tired of that fluent whisper

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  • Magnificence

    Majestic appearance and impressive beauty... that what SPN offers. Get ready for impressive change

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  • Extravagance

    Choose your life style and not the other way around! Add colors to your life

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  • Choices

    Make right choices, defy time, and be up to the task! SPN is what you need to do all that

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  • Challenge

    No project is too complicated, no problem that cannot be solved! SPN is the right choice for everyone

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Custom Built Swimming Pools & SPAs

SPN offers one of a kind exclusive pools only! No templates or standard packages! There are no two pools we built that are the same as the other ones, every pool we offer is unique! We don’t choose the easy way by reusing the architectural designs created for another clients, every time we start from scratch so the pool will reflect the inner self of each and every customer. SPN Will help you to design and implement your ideas into your future dream pool.

Custom Pool Packages

SPN can do as much or as little as you want. You can have complete turnkey pool with all inclusive trades and features under one package, or you can do your own deck or patio, hire your own electrician, pick your own fence company. You can even buy your own pool equipment and we will install it for you! With SPN you can have your project to be handled completely from A to Z, and everything in between. Customize your pool package according to your needs and budget.

SPN is ready to answer all your questions

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